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Prime Industrial Products

Star Dip comes in liquid form and is used in cleaning complicated and non-reachable areas of SS components such as external and internal of pipes, wire rolls, and internal recessed areas of machinery.

Prime Industrial Products

Star Spray comes in semi-gel form is extremely safe and easy to use.

Prime Industrial Products

Star Gel comes in gel form and is used for cleaning weld seams and surrounding areas with brush.

Prime Industrial Products

Star 100 is a sulphur-free degreaser for removing mid rust, dirt, buffing compounds, oil, grease, soil, etc.

Metfin 22 is specially developed compound for aluminium and Mazak die cast components to achieve good deburring and mirror finish. These compounds are for use in vibratory, centrifugal and tumbling barrels.

Keeping in mind the shortcomings of the conventional earth pit backfills, S M Industries has developed Earthplus, a highly conductive earthpit backfill, which can perform in any weather and soil condition.

Adhi Sakthi Projects offers a complete range of equipment for the requirements of health care and beauty care industries, viz., pharma, cosmetics, foods, soaps and detergent industries.

Tri-Logic Maximum Life Cutting Fluid comes from DSL Trading Private Limited. Bacteria and fungi are the enemy of metalworking fluids. For generations, chemists and lubricant technologists have been working to minimise their adverse effects on metalworking fluids.

DNR Transfluid is chlorine free, low mineral oil, water miscible cutting fluid containing selected chlorine-free EP additives. This produces a long life, stable and finely dispersed beige opalescent emulsion when mixed with water.

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