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Prime Industrial Products

Hydraulic Compressor is most handy and portable machine for making compression joint in ACSR, AAAC, AAC and copper conductors from 33 KVA through 800 KVA transmission line. Different sets and types of dies are available for compression joints of different conductors.

Birdman Chemeng Pvt Ltd, Kolkata
Prime Industrial Products

Model ID: KOBA
Maco Corporation (India) offers KOBA range of Industrial Shock Absorbers, which are used in various industries, like factory automation, heavy industry, defense industry and health machines

Maco Corporation (India) Pvt Ltd, Kolkata

The products are designed to operate at similar pressure ranges of conventional oil hydraulics, the other advantages are from environmental point of view and fire risk factors are almost nil.

The LDC air oil cooler with 12 or 24 V DC motor is optimised for use in the mobile industry. It is suitable for installation in most applications and environments. 

'Preston Hydraulics’ are the dealers for "Fawcett Christie" Brand of Hydraulic Bladder Accumulator, Hydraulic Diaphragm Accumulator and Piston Accumulator.


Preston offers various types of Hydraulic Cylinders such as welded hydraulic cylinder, tie rod hydraulic cylinder, etc.

Preston make Hydraulic Power Packs are custom built and of standard design. The hydraulic power pack units are designed for low noise, vibration free, with excellent heat dissipation properties.

PMP Machine Tools offers hydraulic cylinders, power packs, deep drawing presses, rubber and compression moulding machinery and special purpose machines.

Hydraulic Cylinders manufactured by Dantal Hydraulic Pvt. Ltd. Dantal policy is to supply cylinders to original equipment manufacturers to suit their exact requirement.

Dantal Hydraulic Pvt Ltd, New Delhi
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