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Prime Industrial Products

Hydraulic Compressor is most handy and portable machine for making compression joint in ACSR, AAAC, AAC and copper conductors from 33 KVA through 800 KVA transmission line. Different sets and types of dies are available for compression joints of different conductors.

Birdman Chemeng Pvt Ltd, Kolkata

The grip puller sets from Griphold Tools come with many unmatched features. These include: precise hydraulic control allows fast, efficient and safe pulling; high quality, forged steel components provide superior reliability and service; available with and without full hydraulic set.

Griphold Tools Pvt Ltd, Vadodara

KJK-AK Global Technologies, under "KJK-AK" brand, specialises in supplying durable and high quality hand tools and many other products required in today's rapid global industrialisation.

KJK-AK Global Technologies Pvt Ltd, Chennai

Hydraulic expanding holding devices have opened new means to handle the most intricate clamping situations thoughtfully.

JK Files & Tools has introduced a range of screwdrivers, which most users like to handle. The handle is made of cellulose acetate, which makes it highly impact resistant. It is very carefully shaped to ensure less user fatigue.

Tulex Crow Foot Wrenches, as the name suggests are shaped as a crow's foot. These wrenches are mainly used for assembling of those nuts and bolts, which are inaccessible and the movement of ordinary spanners not possible.

Tulex Industrial Tools (P) Ltd, Dombivli

EGA Master non-sparking tools in AI-Br and Cu-Be, are the right alternative for non-sparking application purposes in potentially explosive environments.

Tooling, punches and dies are required for every type of tablet press to pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and confectionery industries.

Maven Precision Engineering Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

Ajay Industries is a renowned manufacturer and exporter of hand tools, automobile tools and builders’ hardware (gate fittings, etc).

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