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Sunsoko offers a wide range of solar power products in its endeavour to find solutions to energy problems. The world is changing rapidly.

Sun-Wize Systems, a leading solar electric power and water heating company, specialises in the manufacture of integrated solar power/thermal systems and the distribution of solar modules and components.

Solar photovoltaic systems harness the energy of the sun to produce power. These systems are gaining relevance especially in areas where it is not viable to connect expensive power grids.

Udhaya Semiconductors Limited, Coimbatore

The biggest attribute of solar energy is that it does not cause pollution. Solar power energy is a renewable resource.

Kotak Urja Private Limited, Bangalore

The 'Anjora' series Green 'e' solar home lighting is an independent and reliable source of clean and abundant solar lighting power.

India is fortunate to have solar radiation for approximately 300 days in a year (in many parts). It is paradoxical to note that large parts of India are suffering due to power shortage.

Model ID: Sunlit Classica SC-75
Sunlit Solar Energy is one among India's largest manufacturers of solar generators, solar water heater, solar street and domestic lighting systems, catering to a wide segment of the Indian and Asian market.

Sunlit Solar Energy Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore

Sharp offers an off-grid solar PV power plant (standalone/hybrid systems). Features: provided uninterrupted and stable power as per customer load requirement; battery back-up to operate load during non-sunny days; solar PV and AC-mains/DG can also be combined to provide stable and continuous power; and solar power plant capacity range from 500 W to 25 kW.

Sharp Business Systems (India) Limited, New Delhi

Rulac Technologies offers a range of green energy solutions through various solar LED products. Through the use of solar energy in lighting by using energy efficient LED as a light source with longer battery backup, the company is able to utilise this inexhaustible energy source.

Rulac Technologies Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
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