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Model ID: pmh-501a
The Optical Power Meter, pmh-501a, is available with specifications: detector type: InGaAs; power measurement range: -60 to +3, -40 to +23, -50 to +28 dBm; resolution: 0.1 to 0.01 dB; accuracy: ±0.2 dB; etc.

Model ID: 36000 Series

Aplab’s new manufactured DSO (Digital–Storage-Oscilloscope) D36000 Series is of high performance, desktop 2-channel, colour/mono DSO with bandwidths from 25 MHz to 200 MHz and sampling rates of 1GSa/s or 250 MSa/s – equivalent sampling of 50GSa/s. A colour/mono LCD is used for bright clear display.

Model ID: EQ-610B
BSK Technologies offers a Digital Contact Thermometer, EQ-610B. It provides fast response and better accuracy in contact type temperature measurement. It is protected by a rugged holster.

Model ID: M
New Concepts & Systems offer a Digital Coat Meter, M. It is designed for measuring non-magnetic coating on magnetic (ferrous) base material.

Digital Micro-Ohm Meter is used for measurement of conductor resistance from 0-2000 Ohms to 0-20 Kohms in decimal steps. It gives fast, accurate, stable & repeatable readings. High Accuracy 4.5 Digit Model also available. It has an accuracy +/- 0.3% +2 digits in 2000 Ohms range and +/- 0.2% + 2 digits in all other ranges.

New Concepts & Systems offer Digital Coat Meters. It is designed on the principle of eddy current. It measures the thickness of non-conducting coating on conducting base. It works on 9 volts dry battery and has a separate indicator for Battery check. Auto OFF facility is incorporated to extend the Battery life.

Rudrashakti Electronics manufactures a range of electrical equipment. Digital ammeter (AC) comes with a lot of features.

Microtek Instruments is today one of the leading distributor and representative organisations in India providing sales and service support to world leading manufacturers. The company offers a range of analog oscilloscopes.

PBS conductivity meter is fully solid state instrument used to measure the conductivity of any solution. They are designed for both industrial and laboratory purpose. They have better accuracy.

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