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Analyser Instrument Company offers Multi Component Gas Analysers. These are known for its unique technology, maintenance friendly and modular design.

Analyser Instrument Company Private Limited, Kota

Model ID: ULTIMA 2100
Netel India offers Gas Chromatographs, Ultima 2100. It is used for various applications in chemicals, refineries, pharma, and petrochemicals.

Model ID: 510C

Digital Instruments Corporation manufactures Digital Online Conductivity Indicator, Model 510C. Conductivity is very important factor in portable water as well as for analysis and production in pharmaceutical, food and beverages, etc.

Model ID: GC 7610
Chemito Instruments manufactures Gas Chromatographs, GC 7610. It is used with a split/ split-less capillary, wide bore or packed injection systems.

Model ID: Mak Analytica 911 M

Makarand Electronics offers Gas chromatograph. The Mak Analytica 911 M is used for quality control, R&D and routine analytical requirements.

Model ID: Silkostat 9210
Forbes Marshall offers Silica Analyser, Silkostat 9210. This is a microprocessor based single/multi-channel silica analyser. It uses the conventional silica molybdenum blue colour method detected by a photometer at 820 nm in the IR spectrum. Background correction is provided through a reference beam split from the same beam.

Hemaki Lab-Services Pvt Ltd, Thane, makes gas chromatographs featuring six-step temperature programmer for oven.

PBS offers digital pH meter - a simple direct indicating instrument which measures the pH value of any solution. The pH is from 0 to 14 pH, accuracy 10.05 pH and relative repeatability "0.02 " 7 3 " pH.

Sigma Instruments, a company specialising in chromatography, offers a range of models from tiny mini models to the latest microprocessor based models for meeting every application.