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Dry Block Type Temperature Calibrator comes from R & D Instrument Services. R&D Instruments, a specialist in calibration and instruments. The testing or calibration of temperature sensors is normally done with the help of two or more instruments.

FV series radiographic film illuminator is developed by NDTS indigenously. The high intensity clear white light from FV series helps to view radiographs of higher density also with ease.

Mantis Elite is a patented eyepiece less stereo microscope, offering truly superb 3-D imaging and unparalleled levels of comfort, reducing operator fatigue and increasing quality and productivity.

Electronica Mechatronic Systems India Pvt Ltd, Pune

Radiographic pipeline inspection system for 360 degree views – VJT's pipeline crawler brings together over 20 years of specialised NDT skills and leading-edge technologies to create a revolutionary new real-time pipeline inspection unit.

V J Imaging Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

iSeries Videoscope from IT Concepts, USA, are advanced, portable and easy to use.

Model ID: VJT T1600/T3200

VJ Technologies "T" conveyor series X-ray inspection system incorporates next generation linear diode array (LDA) imaging technology.

V J Imaging Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

The REMS Orcus Colour is an electronic colour inspection system, a super light and handy inspection system for pipe diameters 40 to 150 mm, drains, ditches, chimneys and other hollow spaces.

Corrosion and other defects that reduce the cross-sectional area of pipes cause major problems in the oil, chemical and the other industries.

Major Construction Equipments Company Pvt Ltd, Jabalpur

Model ID: SX45

With more than 50 years' experience in design and manufacture of high performance optical systems, Vision Engineering’s SX45 stereo microscope delivers value, performance and flexibility.

Electronica Mechatronic Systems India Pvt Ltd, Pune
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