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Prime Industrial Products

Promivac Regenerative Vacuum Pressure Side Channel Blowers, Turbine Type, Single Stage are manufactured from good quality die casted aluminium alloy and are directly mounted on single / three phase Electric Motor.

Promivac Engineers, New Delhi

These are regenerative blowers and can be used for vacuum or pressure applications.

Acmevac Sales Private Limited, Mumbai

Fine Fab India, established in the year of 1982, believes in long term relationship with customers.

Fine Fab India, Coimbatore

Titanium blowers are replacing blowers made from conventional materials of construction, particularly in areas where corrosion is a major problem.

Titanium Tantalum Products Limited, Chennai

Model ID: Meech 930

Shavo Technologies offers a high volume ionised air blower to control electrostatic build up on machinery processing non-conductive materials within the plastics, paper, textiles and packaging industries.

Shavo Technologies Pvt Ltd, Pune

Kosha Engineers manufactures blowers as per American software design which gives high efficiency and consumes less electricity. The company designs backward curved blade fan blowers up to 25,000 CFM and 800 RPM.

Kosha Engineers, Ahmedabad

Kay International offers a positive displacement blower with twin lobe. Special features: all rotary parts are dynamically balanced; helical ground gears for silent operation and longer compressor life.

Kay International Limited, New Delhi

Air Blower is based on tried & tested volumetric principle by which the volume generated proportional to the speed of rotation, providing a guaranteed 100 % oil -free air and a transported gas that is free of any contamination. This consist of two identical twin or tri lobes that rotate in opposite directions.

Vinayaka Rotary Compressors Private Limited, New Delhi

Positive Displacement Blower with three-lobe rotors and internal pulsation reduction is used for biogas / landfill gas.

Aerzen Machines (India) Pvt. Ltd., Vadodara
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