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Prime Industrial Products

Binary Engineering offer Single Phase Stabiliser.

Prime Industrial Products

Binary Engineering offer Single Phase Inverter.

Model ID: MotorMaster MM 1
Kimo Industrie Elektronik GmbH offers robust inverters which are easy to operate and install with only 15 parameters to be programmed.

Kimo Industrie-Elektronik GmbH, Bangalore

Voltamp Controls offers a Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilisers marketed under the brand name EverAlert.

Voltamp Controls (India) Pvt. Ltd., Navi Mumbai

Model ID: KOM300 Series

KOM300 is an industrial fibre optic converter developed by Kyland.

Trikuta Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., Faridabad

RS232 To Bluetooth Converter comes from San Telequip Pvt. Ltd. Bluetooth wireless technology is ideal for applications such as mobile computing (delivery trucks, emergency vehicles), medical and retail (POS), where cabling is often difficult.

Virdi Servo Voltage stabiliser corrects voltage automatically and continuously; synchronous motors operate at high efficiency when supplied with constant voltage.

Virdi Electric Works Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

The Plazma 60 inverter is a welding machine for stable welding arc, beautiful welding surface. This is suitable for welding thin plate, and is simple in operation, economical and reliable.

Bridge rectifiers are available in current rating – 5-300 A, and voltage – 100-1600 V.

Modern Power Semiconductor (P) Ltd., Ahmedabad
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