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Vijay Air Control offers a range of Exhaust Silencers, designed to reduce noise levels in accordance with those specified in the Department of Environment UK Code of Practice, for reducing the exposure of employed persons to noise.

Vijay Air Control, Bangalore

*Vijay Air Control offers a Filter, Regulator and Lubricator (FRL) unit, OU.

Model ID: AC2010-01, AC2010-02
Vijay Air Control offers a range of Air Control Units (FRLs), Models AC2010-01 and AC2010-02. The operational safety and durability of a pneumatic circuit depends on the quality of the compressed air.

VAC spring balancers enhance productivity – it's a simple fact, make a job easier to do and one can do it better, faster and for a longer time span.

Vijay Air Control, Bangalore

VAC is engaged in the development, manufacture and marketing of a variety of couplings products to suit different fluids and applications.

VAC polyurethane tubing is highly resistant to abrasion, pressure and wear, offers outstanding resistance to kinks, excellent tensile and tear propagation strength, very good cushioning capacity and temperature flexibility.

Vijay Air Control, Bangalore

Vijay Air Control offers Solenoid Valves. These are internal pilot-operated compact series solenoid valves with manual over wide body material in aluminium seals NBR for operating on air pressure of 1 to 10 kg/cm2, with maximum operating temperature of 60 degree C.

Vijay Air Control offers One Touch Fittings. These are available in various designs like straight, elbow, Tee, Y, etc. These fittings are connected to the tub by a simple push into the fitting that ensuring leak-proof connection.

Vijay Air Control offers Air Control Unit. This unit consists of filters regulators, lubricators and combinations, filters. The incoming air is centrifugally cleaned for compressor carry over oil, liquid condensate and solid contamination such as pipe scale, etc., and drained out.

The push-on two touch fittings series pneumatic piping joints excelling in quick fitting, accurate jointing and compact design are suited to the pneumatic systems necessary for automation and labour saving.

Vijay Air Control, Bangalore
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