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Unger India offers Floor Cleaning Systems. Features a splashguard built onto channel and reinforced socket. Use with aluminium handles. Size: 75 cm. Sanitary brush - scrubbing and squeegee action with the combination sanitary brush featuring stiff polypropylene bristles that loosen dirt in grooved floor and black natural foam rubber that removes dirt and solution.

Unger India offers Window Cleaning System. Tran-Set cleaning kit contains everything needed to clean windows, walls, ceilings and floors - all in 1 kit. The kit includes: 2.5 m OptiLoc pole, 35 cm original washer, stainless steel squeegee handle, 15, 30, and 45 cm channels with rubber, 91 cm hard replacement rubber, Trim10 scrapper with ten blades, Fixiclamp, large sponge, handy-brush, safety scraper, and cleaning instructions.

Unger India offers Cleaning Accessories. The range includes: Extension poles, Optilocthe. Constructed of anodised extruded aluminum, these poles are strong yet lightweight. This system locks and loosens in a 1/2 turn. Snap-in threaded cone adapter is included. Available in 2 section: 2.5 m and 4 m; 3 section: 6 m and 9 m; 2 section: (EP240 and 260); 3 section: (EP360 and 370) 140 cm fixed length pole (MWSTC).

Unger India offers Floor Care Mop System. It is light weighted with a swivel head enabling to clean in and around hard to reach areas. It includes 42.5 cm sleeve with low lint fabric and 140 cm long aluminium handle. Mop system is pivoted with low profile head.

Unger India offers Window Cleaning Scrapers. It comes with safety stainless steel design. Unique locking system eliminates blades, from dangerously sliding out while working. The blades are 4 cm size, with 5 or 100 replacement blades.

Unger India offers Window Cleaning Squeegees. It has stainless steel channels complete with hard rubber blade. The notched channel system will not slip side-to-side, wobble or bend. It is available in sizes 15, 25, 35, 45 and 55 cm (NE15H, 25H, 35H, 45H and 55H).

Unger India offers Floor Waxing And Mopping System. It consists of Wonder Waxer complete with sleeve; and Pro Bucket that in turn consists of: Bucket, Sieve for bucket, Wheel for bucket.

Unger India offers Mopping Systems. It provides efficient and hygienic mopping of floors. It reduces total cleaning time by a full 10%; cleans with less water, less streaking and less effort; and reduces bacteria build-up by 96%.

Model ID: Smortmop bucket
SmartMop Bucket is a dual bucket system - two separate compartments keep clean water and dirty rinse water separate.