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Surface International manufactures a Plate Cleaning Shot Blasting Machine. This consists of multiple centrifugal blast wheels each of them driven by individual motors to give a thorough cleaning.

Surface International, Jodhpur

Surface International offers wide range of Steel Grits in different sizes for Shot Blasting & Peeing application. These media are quality product and have lower break down rates, uniform hardness, steel shots are in round shape, free from metallurgical defect. Grits are angular with sharp cutting edges.

Surface International offers Shot Peening Machines provide a controlled shot blasting process, which serves to increase the fatigue life of various auto components subjected to high reversing cyclic stresses.

Surface International, Jodhpur

Surface International offers Roll Etching Machine. This machine is suitable for blast cleaning of rolls upto 800 mm width with multiple centrifugal blast wheels strategically positioned to fire shots at high velocity on to the moving roll with facility of variable job conveying speeds.

Surface International offers Stone Texturing Machine. These are available in different sizes.

Surface International offers Plate Cleaning Machine. This Plate Cleaning Machine consists of multiple centrifugal blast wheels each of them driven by individual motors to give a through cleaning.

Surface International offers an internationally acclaimed Intensity Measurement Kit meeting international specification.

Surface International, Jodhpur

Surface International offers Electric Grout Pump for Petrochemical Industry. Grout pumps are latest type of positive displacement pump with low maintainer Cost and high efficiency. Upper tank, which is used to mix the cement grout & lower tank, is used as operating tank with an agitator to keep the Grout as homogeneous mixture.

Surface International, Jodhpur

Surface International offers precision engineered Portable Abrasive Blasting Machine for Oil Industry. These are manufactured from quality raw materials as per the client’s specific requirements. These portable blast machines operate on pressure fed system, which results in very high cleaning rates.

Surface International, Jodhpur

The high efficiency airless shot blasting machine from Surface International is a high output tumblast type shot blasting machine with a reported output that is 2.5 to 3 times that achieved by locally fabricated machines.

Surface International, Jodhpur
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