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Sunrise Products offers Oil Immersion Heaters.

Mica and Ceramic Band Heaters are made for proper contact heating on cylindrical surfaces.

Porcelain Heaters are made with high temperature bearing insulators.

Strip/Strip Finned Heaters are made in m.s. brass and s.s sheathing, insulated with mica and ceramic.

Sunrise Products manufacture Heat Tracer Heating Cables.

Thermocouples are meant to sense the accurate temperature at heat application sites and transfer it to the control meter.

Hot runner heaters are small in diameter but high in performance, bearing high wattage in small sizes.

Sunrise Products offers various types of Heaters, including Cast Heaters, under the brand name Sun. They are cast in mild steel/aluminium/brass. These Cast Heaters are made for durability and higher temperature applications to heat dies and extruders.

Sunrise Products manufactures Tubular/Finned Air Heaters under the Sun brand name. The company makes all kinds of Heaters like Tubular Heaters, Cast Heaters (cast in mild steel/aluminium/brass), mica/ceramic strip and band heater, etc.

Sunrise Products offers Band Heaters. It is used for plastic injection moulding machines, heating dies, platen pipe sections, nozzles.