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Most electronic cabinets of electronic control systems generate substantial amount of heat during operations. More problems occur when such electronic cabinets are placed in dirty, humid and hot factory shop floor, rather than clean room.

Sunbeam Appliances offers Panel Air Conditioners. Features: body is made up of galvanised steel; two set point digital temperature controller; closed loop design, hence hostile ambient air is sealed out of electronic enclosure; cabinet air is dehumidified; powder coating/polyurethane paint; cabinet air conditioners for outdoor applications are available on request; etc.

Sunbeam Appliances offers Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers. It is used with electrical and electronic panels where internal electric components can withstand and function with slightly above ambient temperature.

Sunbeam Appliances offers Water Chillers. It is capable of working in harsh and hostile factory environments. It is available with following types of evaporators: stainless steel tube coil in tank, brazed plate evaporator, shell and tube type and a choice of condensers including air cooled.