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Seastrom offers spring washers in Belleville, Crescent, Wave and Dome types, made from beryllium copper, spring steel, and stainless steel.

Seastrom Mfg. Co, Inc., Idaho

Seastrom offers non-metallic flat round washers of various sizes. They are available in Delrin, Fiberglass, fibre, Kapton, mica, Mylar, high density polyethylene, Neoprene, Nylatron, nylon, PVC, phenolic, and Teflon.

Seastrom offers shoulder washers are made from epoxy glass, fibre, PCTFE, nylon, phenolic, and Teflon

Seastrom offers metallic flat round washers of various sizes, They are available in aluminium, beryllium copper, brass, phosphor-bronze, stainless steel, steel, and titanium.