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Model ID: SC11U
SC11U allows you to connect your Serial devices to a USB Interface. With data format auto detecting and baud rate auto switching function, SC11U is able to automatically detect the data flow and switch the direction of the data lines.

Serial to Wi-Fi converter is designed to operate serial ports through wireless (Wi-Fi 802.11 b and g).

Stand alone and rack mounted line drivers help run RS232 signal for 4 km on copper. A wide array of protections include optical and galvanic isolations, surge and lightening protection.

With the RS485 hub, one can connect with ease as many devices that may be needed on the 485 network, without bothering too much about the distance, number of multidrops, cabling hassles and without compromising of speed.

Used for running RS232 port long distance or connecting RS232 device to RS485 network, the interface converters can be powered by 230 V/110 V AC, 90 to 270 V AC, 24 and 48 V DC, external adapter or loop powered.

The fibre optic (FO) converters are an ideal choice for connecting devices situated in environments where electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference is a major concern.

RS485 repeater helps run RS485 network for an additional 1.2 km, or converts 4-wire RS485 to 2-wire RS485 and vice versa, or isolates the 485 networks from each other, all of this in the same converter.

Serial port isolator protects precious serial ports of PLCs, controllers, laptops from damage. These isolators are DIN rail mounted and are truly 3-way isolated offering isolation to 6 of the 9 serial port signals.