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SycoTec of Germany specialises in the manufacture of electric Motor-Elements meant for use in machine tools, automotive applications, automation, transportation, domestic appliances and also for the aeronautic sector, to produce synchronous or asynchronous motors.

PI-Tech Services, New Delhi

SycoTec of Germany offers High-Frequency Spindles for engraving, milling, drilling, and grinding PI-TECH Services, the Sole Representatives in India. The company specialises in the manufacture of high-frequency spindles for use on engraving machines, as well as on other machines meant for milling, drilling, or grinding.

PI-Tech Services offer a comprehensive range of Italian Pneumatic Feeders for presses, for feeding the material in coil form, procured from reliable and trusted foreign vendors.

Pi-Tech Services offers a range of End-Mills and Carbide-Burrs manufactured by M/s Cerin of Italy.

PI-Tech Services, New Delhi

Pi-Tech Services is one of the leading suppliers of a superior quality range of pneumatic feeders, gas springs, die springs and hydraulic actuators.

PI-Tech Services, New Delhi

Amreline of Italy specialises in the manufacture of dispensers (blank-ejectors) for sheet-metal working, for the removal of blanks from the bottom of the die.

PI-Tech Services, New Delhi

Amreline of Italy specialises in the manufacture of cam-slides for sheet-metal working, for hole punching (at right-angles or inclined); or for bending or calibration, non-vertical flanging, or for forming an angle.

Quiri of France, established 130 years ago, specialise in the design and manufacture of components that use high-pressure fluids.

Pi-Tech Services offers Air-Oil Lubricator. This is a new type of lubricator which injects the oil into the bearings in a timed-cycle. Operation: The oil is pushed ahead through compressed-air pressure, at given intervals of time.