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Naman Enterprises offers a Screen Printing Machine.

Naman Enterprises offers Electrotech High Voltage Breakdown Tester.

Naman Enterprises offers a programmable Coil Winding Machine.

“Electrotech” High Voltage Breakdown Testers are designed for use on production line of domestic electrical appliances, cables, PVC tapes, electrical equipments, lighting fixtures, super enamelled wire & general inspection in all laboratories.

The Digital V-A-W [IP/IK] Meter offers high performance and reliability. The electrical engineering industries, which comply with BIS standards, will find composite V-A-W meters as a necessity.

Digital Micro-Ohm Meter is used for measurement of conductor resistance from 0-2000 Ohms to 0-20 Kohms in decimal steps. It gives fast, accurate, stable & repeatable readings. High Accuracy 4.5 Digit Model also available. It has an accuracy +/- 0.3% +2 digits in 2000 Ohms range and +/- 0.2% + 2 digits in all other ranges.

Digital High Voltage Testers are available UP TO 5 KV/200Ma. These are fitted in Euro standard Cabinets duly Powder Coated, robust, molded safety probes with HT ON thumb switch, for fast speed testing.

The Diesel  Fired Oven can maintain temperature up to 200 C. The Oven is given a hammer tone paint finish. A wide range of sizes is available with a combination of different operating temperatures to suit the diversified requirements of the industry. 

Vacuum Impregnation System is used for applying to the windings and the core/lamination of electric motors, chokes, fan and transformers etc. under vacuum.

Open Type Ballast for 40 W and 20 W. A base plate, coil, 'U' & 'T' type of lamination with aluminium air gap material, nylon end caps and terminal are the parts used in this product.

Naman Enterprises, New Delhi