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Indore Composite P Ltd. offers Semi Conductive Tapes. INDOCON - Semi Conductive Tapes that are provided in water swellable and non water swellable type.

Indore Composite P Ltd., Mumbai

Indore Composite P Ltd. offers INDOBLOCK - Water Swellable Tapes that are made of scatter coating technology. Using water soluble adhesive, the polyester non woven fabric is coated with an amalgamation of super absorbent polymers.

Indore Composite P Ltd., Mumbai

Model ID: Info Gel K880
Indore Composite P Ltd. offers Pump Gel, K880. This Info Gel K880 can be processed using metering pump devices. This guarantees high speed and trouble-free production.

Indore Composite P Ltd. offers Long Fiber Thermoplastics. RePlet Long Fiber Thermoplastics, manufactured in collaboration with Plasticomp LLC USA, are offered in different polymers and reinforcement combinations.

Indore Composite P Ltd offers Long Fibre Reinforced Polypropylene, RePlet PP. This is chemically coupled thermoplastic polypropylene (PP).