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HBL Power Systems offers uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) solution for a demanding a 24X7 uptime environment. Batteries are the single most critical element in such UPS system. The offered 12V mono block batteries [sealed maintenance free] lead acid batteries are offered in the range of 7 Ah to 200 Ah.

Model ID: BR-140
HBL Power Systems offers Battle Tank and Armoured Vehicle Battery, Model BR-140. These are Pure Lead Tin, Valve Regulated Lead Acid Monobloc Batteries.

Model ID: BR-100
HBL Power Systems offers Battle Tank and Armoured Vehicle Battery / Defense Battery, Model BR-100.

Model ID: PLT Series
HBL Power Systems offers Pure Lead Tin Batteries, PLT Series.

Model ID: NCSP Series
HBL Power Systems offers a range of Aircraft Batteries for Civil and Defence Aviation, Series NCSP.

HBL Power Systems Ltd offers Sujala brand Solar Water Pumping System. This is an innovative solution that converts solar energy to electrical energy for water pumping.

HBL Power Systems Ltd, Hyderabad

HBL Power Systems Ltd offers a range of Solar Power Solutions.

HBL Power Systems has expertise in VRLA batteries (indigenously developed) for various industrial and telecom applications from 1984.

HBL Power Systems, a leading manufacturer of specialised batteries, has introduced Tubular Gel VRLA Batteries through in-house research and development.

HBL Power Systems offers a zero maintenance, heavy-duty Engine Start Battery (PLT battery – 100 AH, 160 AH).