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Gujarat Washers Mfg offers Split Pins. These Stainless Steel Split Pins are made up of fine raw materials that make them highly durable.

Gujarat Washers Mfg manufactures all kinds Hex Nuts & Bolts that are extensively used in various industries. These huts and bolts have wide application area that make them highly demanded in the national as well as international market.

Gujarat Washers Mfg offers Spring Washers. Spring Washers are from high quality metals that too as per din 127 and din 128 standards. This makes Spring Washers ideal for a variety of loading applications.

Gujarat Washers Mfg offers Wave Washers. Wave Washers are manufactured from stainless steel, aluminium, etc., are available in various shapes and sizes to meet the specific requirements of clients.

Gujarat Washers Mfg offers Tab Washer. Tab Washer is considered as the best option for locking a part into place. The company offers tab washers in two variants External Tab Washer and Internal Tab Washer.

Gujarat Washers Mfg offers Star Washers. Star Washers are highly demanded in the global marketplace as they are based on modern technology and designing.

Gujarat Washers Mfg offers Belleville Washers. Belleville Washers are used as springs or for applying pre-load to bolt joints, are manufactured from superior quality metal.

Gujarat Washers MFG offers Plain Washers.

Gujarat Washers MFG offers Cup Washers.

Gujarat Washers MFG offers a wide range of Helical Spring Lock Washers. Spring Split Lock Washers are manufactured from the finest raw materials that make them really long lasting.