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Growcontrols has developed complete, reliable cartridge case annealing system. This system consists of component orientation hopper component feeding system and component conveyor. Component conveyor feeds components to induction annealing coil.

Growcontrols has developed IGBT Resonant Inverters for induction annealing brazing, and hardening application. These systems are customized for specific application.

Growcontrols offers an Electro Magnetic Forming System.

Growcontrols has developed special purpose Induction Brazing Machine for production of brazed gun parts and subsystems.

Growcontrols has developed LASER Power Supplies for flash lamp/Arc lamp based LASER systems and Diode LASERS.

Growcontrols has development, high voltage power supplies, using latest technology in Power Electronics, Resonant Inverter Topology, special multiple winding rectification schemes, completely encapsulated high voltage section ensure highly reliable power supplies in demanding defense environments.

Growcontrols has developed high power switches with Thyristors, IGBTS, MOSFETS, Thyratrons, Pseudospark-Gaps, Triggered Spark-Gaps and Rail Gaps to match specific requirements.

Growcontrols, Hyderabad

Growcontrols manufactures Induction Heating Systems, which are well proven for various applications.

Growcontrols, an ISO 9001: 2008 company, offers Magnetic Pulse Forming, a process where very high energy is stored into a capacitor bank and delivered into the job precisely at forming location.

Grow Controls offers Plasma Nitriding Equipment, GC PNRT. This is an ion nitriding process. Ion nitriding is a process, where work piece is kept in a vacuum chamber. Work piece is the cathode and vacuum chamber wall is the anode. Initially the vacuum chamber is evacuated to a high level vacuum.