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Model ID: LSMS11
Essen Deinki, a manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of precision electronic and electrical control components, has recently introduced miniature Snap Action Limit Switch Type LSMS11 having 1 NO + 1 NC contact arrangement suitable for applications where space is a limitation.

Essen Deinki, Chandigarh

Model ID: EDM 551 Series
Essen Deinki offers Three Phase Digital Energy Meters, EDM 551 Series. These are compact and lightweight, features reverse current indication and has a digital isolated pulse output for PLC and automation needs of industry.

Essen Deinki offers Switches. The product range includes micro switches, miniature micro switches, micro control switches, limit switches, loom switches, push button switches (22.5 mm) and rotary switches.

Essen Deinki, Chandigarh

Model ID: SLM
Essen Deinki offer LED Module Pilot Lights, SLM. It is a chip type device. It is available with lenses in red, yellow, amber, blue and green colours, suitable for use across 24, 48, l10, 240, 415 V AC/12, 24, 48, 110, 220 V DC supply.

Model ID: Series MV25
Essen Deinki offers Micro Switches, Series MV25. These are versatile switches suitable for many heavy-duty applications and are compatible with all industry standards.

Essen Deinki, Chandigarh

Model ID: Series SL
Essen Deinki offers Sleek Electronic Timers, Series SL. It is compact and space saving device. Its width is 17.5 mm. These multi-functional timers (On delay, interval On, equal cyclic relay Off first, equal cyclic relay On first) have user selective 4 time ranges (15 sec, 60 sec, 8 min and 64 min) in the same timer.

Model ID: Series CDS
Essen Deinki offers Relay/Time Sockets - Series CDS/CDSR. These are available in 10 A AC/DC, 240 Vrms with 8 and 11 pin contacts.

HRC fuse holders with contact resistance of 10 Mohms (max) and insulation resistance of 1000 Mohms (min) are offered by Essen Deinki, Chandigarh.

Model ID: Koenig
A new range of "Koenig" timers have recently been introduced by Essen Deinki with features such as dual mode (selection of "on delay" and "interval on" through a switch), multivoltage, i.e., from 24 V to 230 V AC/DC and dual timings.

Essen Deinki has introduced the EPS Series of switch mode power supplies (SMPS) for process control and automation needs of industries.