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Dubas Engg Pvt. Ltd. offers Isolation Transformers. These are manufactured for protecting the sensitive loads from various type of power problems.

Dubas Engg Pvt. Ltd. offers Power Factor Controllers. It is an active solid state power factor controller capable of correcting both displacement and distortion power factors.

Model ID: Dubas INV
Dubas Engg Pvt. Ltd. offers Inverters, Dubas INV. These are available as utility source catering to many of the load requirements. These DC power is into a specified voltage and frequency high quality AC supply source.

Model ID: NX Series
Dubas Engg Pvt. Ltd. offers Battery Chargers, NX Series. These are high frequency switching DC systems using IGBT devices.

Model ID: GX Series
Dubas Engg Pvt. Ltd. offers Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), GX Series. This is fully digital system built as model system for providing safe and secure power for data centres, telecommunication networks, process plants, industrial loads or any mission critical applications.

Dubas Engg Pvt. Ltd. offers Oil Cooled Voltage Stabilisers. These are provided with trip mechanism to trip the power to the load if incoming voltage is beyond the specified band.

Dubas Engg Pvt. Ltd. offers Static Voltage Stabiliser. Static voltage stabiliser is a solid state system employed for stabilises the incoming voltages.