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Commerce Corporation offers a quality array of AC-DC Converters.

Commerce Corporation offers a SMPS Battery Charger, 48 V DC/50 A for Forklifts.

Commerce Corporation offers a wide range of SMPS Rectifiers for Electroplating in automotive and engineering industries.

Commerce Corporation offers Water Treatment System, which is safe with Concentration less than 1% and completely safe to handle. It is highly stable and user friendly.

Commerce Corporation (COMCO) manufactures and exports a full range of SMPS rectifiers for electroplating.

Commerce Corporation offers a range of SMPS Rectifiers for Electroplating.

The Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS), which is CCVC based has 24 V DC at 8 A DC power to meet the international standards. The power supply is import substitute and cost effective having wide input voltage 90-135 V AC or 150-300 V AC.

Portable Infra-Dryer is an import substitute and most versatile dryer for automobile painting applications. It has advantages such as energy saving, faster heating, perfect penetration, and above all, being a portable and folding type unit.

Commerce Corporation, Mumbai

The Electronic Ballast used for compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) is highly reliable, energy saving and cost effective. The adaptor is compatible to 5 W, 7 W, 9 W, 11 W, 13 W, 15 W and 18 W CFL lamps.

Infrared (Quartz) Heater is designed to save power between 30% and 60% compared to conventional metallic heaters. IR heaters are 400 mm to 2200 mm in length, having capacity from 250 W to 4 kW, and working voltage of 230 V/440 V.