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Automation Systems offers A.C. Servo Motor & Drive manufactured by Metronix Co. Ltd. Korea. This Servo Motor Drive has been developed using ASIC & Latest Control Theory for High Efficiency Power Transformation.

Automation Systems, Pune

The Absolute Encoder is a heavy-duty shaft encoder. The special features include resolution up to 1024 PPR (10 bit); over 10 kHz frequency range; protection up to IP 65; etc.

Model ID: Series SM80
Pulse Generator, Series SM80, has only 100 PPR resolution. Output option available is line driver, open collector, voltage. Supply voltage is only 5 V DC. It is available in 5 kHz frequency range.

The Shaft Encoder is available in series H35, H40 H45 and H60 for AC/DC servo motor applications. This hollow shaft encoder is suitable to replace in-built encoders for various motors without any modifications.

The Incremental Encoder is available in small size from 30 and 40 mm diameter. It is available from 10 PPR up to 3600 PPR with standard output options like push pull, line driver and voltage O/P and totem pole.

The scanner from Digital Systems is a microprocessor based unit designed to display temperature of more than one point in a process

Digital Systems has developed a microprocessor based controller system which comprises of various cards, viz, CPU memory card, digital input/output cards, and analogue I/P cards

Digital Systems offers a new type of Blind Temperature Controller. The desired temperature is set via a potentiometer.

Digital Systems manufactures digital preset counter with auto reset feature

Digital Systems offers digital batch counter with totaliser function.