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Process industries have in general cooling towers in excess of 1000 m3/hr capacity. All these have fans of minimum 35 kW each for every 1000 m3/hr cooling tower.

Armec Jet Towers are most popular in metal and forging industries in India as they are having a very useful characteristic for slag applications.

Chemical plants and processes invariably require cooling towers.

Hot and humid summer months are very critical to maintenance engineers in Industries as most of the equipment and machines suffer electrical, mechanical and electronic breakdown during this period.

Water is abundant every where, but if not used judiciously, there is every possibility that this abundant source will also be depleted and water crisis a reality, as is already happening in many areas.

Maintenance problems in conventional Fan and Fill type cooling towers are so acute that, it requires a handy spare cooling tower for emergency.

Armec Jet Towers best suit the application for central air-conditioning and refrigeration chillers as the concept itself was necessitated to help contractors whose final bill gets stuck with the client in case of early malfunctioning of the cooling tower.

Armec Group is the only cooling tower company which has supplied cooling towers to sugar industry for all the applications – process cooling, boiling house, co-generation, excess condensate cooling, auxiliary cooling, crystalliser cooling, fermentation, distillation, spent-wash and ethanol applications.

Zero-Drift cooling towers from Armec Group save precious water, which would otherwise escape to the atmosphere in the name of drift losses. The cooling tower with FRP coated steel structure, FRP louvers and without fans and fills is most sought after, as it is durable, energy saving, and requires minimal maintenance besides being environment friendly.