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Acme Electronics offers a microprocessor based Programmable/CNC Coil Winding Machine with single, double and four spindle in multi-features category for high productivity and performance.

ACME Electronics, Vadodara

Acme Electronics offers a CNC Winding Machine for LV Coils.

Model ID: AEH-01
ACME Electronics offers microprocessor based CNC/programmable linear winding machines in wide range to cover wire size from 7 SWG to 50 SWG with coil weight up to 50 kg with winding length up to 450 mm and coil diameter up to 500 mm for high productivity and performance.

Model ID: AEH-02
The Winding Machine, AEH-02, is a microprocessor based CNC/programmable multi-featured winding machines for high productivity and performance.

The Toroidal Winding Machine is available with features like 95 program memory, programmable individual soft start and soft stop for both loading and winding to avoid wire breakage, continuously display of all parameters on LCD while loading and winding is in process, having menu driven programming such as run, add, modify, copy, delete, list with 40 x 2 LCD.

Model ID: AE-X Series
The Single Spindle Loading Machine, AE-X Series, is suitable for: wire diameter - 0.02 to 1.00 mm; winding width - 100 mm; bobbin diameter - 80 mm; speed - 9000 RPM (max); and dimension - W-425 x D-350 x H-620 mm.

Acme Electronics offers microprocessor based automatic/CNC coil-winding machines. The products are available with single/double spindle in standard category.

Model ID: AEF-01
ACME Electronics offers a microprocessor based programmable floor type winding machine, Model AEF-01, in extra heavy category to wind coils having wire up to 7 SWG and strip up to 6.5 mm with maximum coil length up to 450 mm and coil diameter up to 500 mm.

Acme Electronics offers LED indicators. Solid state technology used in these LED indicators consume very low power and make them reliable.

Acme Electronics offers electronic hooters. These are panel mounting hooters with unique "Accept" facility.