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Diesel engines with hand start or electric start facility are manufactured by Rajkot-based PM Diesels Limited.

FMS 6 type diesel engine with oil bath type air cleaner to clean incoming air, from P M Diesels Limited, Rajkot.

Rajkot-based P M Diesel Limited offers centrifugal pumps in single or double pulley model at various speeds with a static suction lift of 6.0 metres.

P M Diesels Pvt. Ltd., Rajkot

Fieldmarshal diesel engine from Rajkot-based P M Diesel Limited features engine with radiator assembly and belt-driven pumping set mounted on a vertical base plate.

Diesel engines from Rajkot-based P M Diesels Limited are available with air-cooled, vertical, four-stroke, one-cylinder and turbulence combustion chamber facilities.