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Mumbai-based M R Engineer offers deep drawing double action hydraulic press. This is a very special type of hydraulic press with hydraulic die-cushion for manufacturing utensils.

This is a small size, low cost, high production machine suitable for taking out castings up to 300 gm of aluminium and/or 600 gm of zinc

The anchor load cells are of through hole design which gives them exceptional stability and versatility.

M R K Engineers offers an electronic phase preventer and it protects the burnout of motor against reverse phasing, phase imbalance and single phasing

M R Engineer offers a hydraulic floor crane, Clearlift. This is a lightweight crane with a universal application.The crane has a capacity of 150kg and a ballast requirement of 186kg.

M R Engineer offers fixed tube bundle heat exchangers (oil coolers) in two basic types-copper base alloy and stainless steel construction. These cover virtually any application, and are capable of satisfying various cooling requirements from simple cooling of oil or water to the more complex cooling and heating requirements of exotic liquids or gases.

Model ID: Thermalent CI
The Thermalent CI infrared temperature sensor are used for temerature measurement and are very compact and low cost is required to integrate them. Designed for easy integration into a standard 4-wire system, the device can easily replace traditional contact probes.It functions accurately with out offset errors when used in conjunction with the thermocouple break protection circuitry in most controllers, displays and transmitters.

M R K Engineers have introduced newly microprocessor based counter, timer and universal rate meter which can be programmed to work as either timer or universal rate meter.It has 4 and 6 digit seven segment LED display

Thermalert GP monitor, provides a compact easy-to-use interface and display for process instruments. The monitor can be used with many non-contact infrared temperature sensors.