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Aplab Limited, with constant focus on quality, offers a comprehensive range of high quality LP Series UPS Systems at industry leading rates.

Model ID: Hand-Held & Bench Type
APPA Technology (Taiwan), in association with Aplab Limited offer Aplab-APPA, digital hand–held and bench type multi-meters, automotive multi-meters, clamp meters and thermometers of high quality performance with competitive prices,

Model ID: 36000 Series

Aplab’s new manufactured DSO (Digital–Storage-Oscilloscope) D36000 Series is of high performance, desktop 2-channel, colour/mono DSO with bandwidths from 25 MHz to 200 MHz and sampling rates of 1GSa/s or 250 MSa/s – equivalent sampling of 50GSa/s. A colour/mono LCD is used for bright clear display.

Aplab offers DIN module Euro switches. These are compact and highly reliable. A range of seven models is available.

Aplab Limited, Thane

Aplab offers a range of encased preset DC power supplies. It is specially designed for OEM use.

Aplab offers new Digital Lab series regulated DC power supplies from 30 W to 300 W. This offers a range of linear DC regulated power supplies for use in laboratories and industries.

Aplab offers high power digital lab regulated DC power supplies.

Aplab offers high voltage DC lab supplies. The new high voltage DC series offers a range of regulated supplies for use in industries, research labs, capacitor testing, etc.

Aplab offers DC/DC converter system.The system has modular design to meet DC load requirements from 50 A to 300 A in multiples of 50 A.

Aplab offers the MT4080A/MT4080D models of LCR meters. These come with a wide range of test frequencies up to 10 MHz (MT4080D) or 100 kHz (MT4080A), and many measurement parameters including Z, L, C, DCR, ESR, D, and F as well.