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International Engineering & Trading Co offers Wind Mills, These are one of the oldest forms of renewable energy sources. Windmills drive turbines to generate electricity, run pumps and were used since ancient times as grinding mills.

Avin offers wind mills for water pumping and for small an...

International Engineering and Trading Co

International Engineering & Trading Co is established by Mr Avinash Brahmbhatt. Operations of the firm date back to 1969 when the firm was engaged in manufacturing and marketing of chemicals, petrochemicals, engineering goods and electricals.

In 1980 the firm entered the field of non-conventional energy. Mr Avinash Brahmbhatt developed and introduced solar flat plate collector with fibreglass body in the Indian markets.The company is active in the field of non-conventional energy devices since 1980 and has a track record on research and development.

The company has a wide product range comprising of:
  • Solar Water Heaters
  • Solar Air Heaters
  • Solar Sauna and Steam Baths
  • Windmills for Power Generation and Water Pumping
  • Geothermal Energy