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Pramod Engineering offers a Webline Stacker. The stacker attaches to the web offset printing machine of up to 70,000 iph. It reduces the manpower required to collect the printed forms. To remove irregularities created in the folder delivery or during conveyance, the webline stacker gives alignment t...

Pramod Engineering

Pramod Engineering Works New Delhi is a fast growing binding post press equipment manufacturing company. The company is committed to keep quality and reliability. The company is presently involved in manufacturing of stitch star stand alone double head DH II, STITCH STAR flow line multi head stitchers SS6, and complete wire stitching comprising of automatic section feeders, reject copy ejector and online three knife trimmer.

It has gained the trust of its clients, the world over and the latest addition is in the Middle East. The company became the preferred choice for a number of customers in the UAE. Recently a three knife trimmer has been installed in the UAE. And prior installations, in the same region include two gathering machines of 18-stations each with a double-head wire stitcher; one 10-station on-line three-knife trimmer and one paper drilling machine having four drills for stationery jobs.