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New Delhi-based Amrita Aqua Equipments offers Wyckomar XR-3, a complete water purification system from Wyckomar Inc, Canada. It combines chemical/odor removing and particle removing filters with a powerful flow-through ultraviolet chamber which, when properly maintained, eliminates disease-causing viruses and bacteria found in many rural water supplies. Since organic impurities impede the purification process, the XR-3 pre-treats the water. To remove all impurities, two filters are employed. The first filter traps sediment and particulate matter such as rust. The second filter is an activated carbon filter, which reduces the presence of many harmful chemicals and also removes offensive tastes and odours. After filtration, the water enters the ultra?violet chamber where it travels in an upward spiral path around the light source ensuring maximum irradiation. Ultra-violet light has long been used to destroy airborne bacteria, viruses, mould spores and other micro-organisms in hospital, laboratory and industrial settings where a contaminant-free atmosphere is essential. The Wyckomar XR-3 applies this time proven germicidal technique to guarantee that, when the unit is properly maintained, the water purified will be disease-free.

Amrita Aqua Equipments Pvt. Ltd.