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Speedfam (India), in collaboration with Speedfam Co Ltd of Japan, offers watch glass polishing machines. Indian homological industry is growing almost about 40% each year and with the need of indigenisation of components, demand for watch parts is growing multifold. Watch crystal is one of the critical component in terms of accuracy as well as for its aesthetics. The machine can take care of these parameters while keeping the processing cost at its minimal. This is a 4-way double side polishing machine having plate diameter of 630 mm equipped with cerium based polyurethane pads. These cerium based polyurethane pads along with cerium oxide of purity 70% and average particle size of 1.6 micron is used for polishing of watch crystals. 4-way motion reduces the friction of polishing pad and hence reduces wear out of the same to a great extent. The life of pad and carriers is also greatly increased due to this type of motion. Pneumatic pressure control system allows precise process pressure on the watch crystals which helps to even out initial thickness variation, removes chipping produced during edging operation and polishes the crystals to the required finish accuracies. Approx 30-35,000 crystals of dia 25 mm can be polished per month on single shift basis.

Speedfam (India) Pvt. Ltd.