Vibro Finishing Machine

Vibro Finishing Machine

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Premium Vijimech Pvt Ltd offers “Vijimech” Vibro Finishing Machine. This is basically a metallic bowl lined inside with rubber or polyurethane. The bowl is filled with ceramic/suitable abrasive media and the components to be processed. The vibratory motor creates intensive vibration in the bowl ...

Premium Vijimech Pvt Ltd (Manufacturer)

PREMIUM VIJIMECH is a leading manufacturer of vibration, separation and surface finishing equipment and machinery. Right from Gyroscreens , Vibro screens , Vibroscreens, Vibrating screens, Vibratory Table, Vibratory Feeder to Destoner, Pre-Cleaner and Roto Sifter. We also make quality Surface finishing machine such as bowl type Vibratory Finishing Machine. The products have been successfully implemented across India, Middle East, Africa, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines, and other countries. The company also offer Consulting Services to help you decide and implement suitable solutions for your specific separation needs so that it can be met cost effectively and on time.