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Shanghai Docan offers UV Printer with model UV2510, which is a kind of wide format printer that adopt imported UV ink to print on glass, leather, and other materials. It’s also called as UV roll to roll printers, which are superior to solvent inkjet printers in high productivity, environmental conservation, and versatility of substrates.
  • Advertising Printers
  • Glass Printers
  • Metal Printers
  • Wood Printers
  • Acrylic Printers
  • Door Printers
  • Leather Printers
  • Ceramic Printers
  • Canvas Printers
  • It can detect the thickness of media automatically and the print head carriage can go up and down automatically.
  • It is equipped with automatic cleaning system and print head carriage anti-bumping device.
  • The print effect is quite good and the UV roll to roll printer can print the images firmly on mediums.
  • The printer has high print speed and mass production at a time is available.

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