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Nippon Electrical Industries (NEI) offers a Universal Magnetic Drill Stand. The company is engaged in the portable electrical tools business from almost over two and half decades. Following the success of Nippon armatures for almost over 25 years, the company started manufacturing Nippon Power Tools in its most modern and highly sophisticated plant. It now manufactures more than 50 types of tools right from the comprehensive range of electric drills, impact and hammer drills, grinders, cobra angle grinders, marble cutter, sander, polishers, blowers, planner, circular saw, router, flexible shaft machines, cut off machines covering different types of wood working to metal working tools and armatures.
  • Heavy-duty yet a compact model
  • Powerful electro magnet to ensure rigid clamping on the job
  • “V” type 45-degree slide for long life
  • Installed brass sheet in guides ensures precision for elongated age
  • Simple electrical layout for fast and easy maintenance or repair
  • Safety chain for horizontal and overhead drilling
  • Different drills of different companies can be used with adaptor and fixtures
  • Technical Specifications
    • Base diameter – 200 mm
    • Height – 520 mm
    • Current draw – 150 W
    • Stroke – 275 mm
    • Magnet pull – 1000-1200 kgf
    • Rated voltage – 220/240 V
    • Rated frequency – 50/60 Hz

    Nippon Power Tools/Nippon Electrical Industries