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ULM 300/600/1000/1500
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Mahr Metrology India offers a range of Universal Length Measuring Machines: ULM 300/600/1000/1500. These are characterised by: superior accuracy of measurement; long direct and maximum measuring range; tooling sets configured of specific jobs provide immediate readiness for operation; and simple and lucid operator prompting makes operation highly convenient. Mahr is a middle-sized globally operating corporation. Traditionally, the name Mahr stands for industrial metrology, for quality and for innovation. Along with highly valuable measurement devices for workpiece geometry, Mahr manufactures high precision spinning pumps and rotary stroke bearings as construction elements in its product range. Major customers include automobile manufacturers, manufacturers of industrial machines and precision mechanical products, including the areas of optics and electronics. Mahr supplies the plastics, synthetic fibre and elastomer industries – and, in turn, their suppliers – with spinning pumps and metering systems.
  • Control of gages and measuring devices (among others, cylindrical and tapered threads, gage blocks, tapers, toothing gages, two-point-internal measuring devices)
  • Highly precise length measurements on precision parts such as bell housing, inner races, ball cages, gear shafts, gears, ball rings, multitude of accessory sets and components in a modular system for a solution of the most varying measuring tasks, including threads, tapers, taper threads, gears, cylinders. etc.
  • Measuring system x-axis – high-precision glass scale in the measuring element
  • 00% compliance with Abbe's comparator rule
  • Integrated temperature measurement system and zero-point stabilisation
  • Constant measuring force over the entire measuring plunger adjustment range
  • Worktable precisely guided in Z-direction with large adjustment range and high table load as well as digital z-measuring system
  • Air-bearing units for fast and easy movement of measuring element and tailstock (not with ULM 300)
  • Fast and easy measuring value generation due to dynamic measuring value acquisition.

Mahr Metrology India Pvt Ltd