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Ultrasonic Hardness Tester

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Heat Treatment Sales & Services offers Ultrasonic Hardness Tester, NOVOTEST T-U3. The Ultrasonic Contact Impedance (UCI) probe is used for measuring the hardness value of small items, objects with a thin wall, complex form, and to measure the hardness of surface hardened layers.

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Technical Specifications

  • UCI probe types: 1kgf (10N) 2.2 lbf, 5kgf (50N) 11lbf, 10kgf (98N) 22lbf
  • Measuring range (with standard calibration): HV:230- 940; HRC:20- 70; HB:90-650. Tensile strength, MPa 370-1740
  • Measuring accuracy: HV:±3%HV; HRC:±1.5%HRC; HB:±3%HB
  • Indenter: Diamond indenter (UCI)
  • Measuring direction: Any direction 360°
  • Data storage: Limited only by the memory card
  • Communication: Upload data to PC and export as a spreadsheet (USB cable and software included )
  • Hardness scale: HRC, HB, HV, HRB, HS, HL, MPa
  • Materials: Pre-calibrated for steel, has calibration scales for additional custom materials
  • Data display: Load applied/contact (UCI), Single test result, Max, Min, Average of tests, Number of tests, Deviation, Var. coeff, Histogram, Signal and Smart Mode (Filter of incorrect measurements)
  • Indication: Color LCD display (320×240)
  • Operating environment: Temperature:-20°C~40°C; Humidity: 30%~80%R.H.
  • Power supply: DC 4,5V (3 pcs batteries AA)
  • Instrument dimensions: 160x75x30mm
  • Net weight: Approx. 0.3kg (without probe)
  • Batteries life: Approx. 10 hours

Company Profile

Heat Treatment Sales & Services Company was established in 1984. We had supply every thing in Heat Treatment in so many organization. We have started to make bench type Hardness Tester of our own make under name of ‘ENMATEST’.

We would like to be associated with you as a partner and not a supplier in developing all material testing machines for your Quality Control Department. We now request you to enroll our name in your vendor’s list for your requirement of spares, accessories and services for your all kind of Metal Hardness Tester.

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