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Polymer Industries (formerly Poly Hi Solidur Plastics India Ltd) is one of the pioneers of UHMWPE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) manufacturing in the Indian and the world markets. The company with its 40 years of technical know how of UHMWPE manufacturing brings tailored solutions that cater to individual organisation's specific engineering needs, making it the ultimate solution for recurring problems related to wear, corrosion, noise and frequent replacement of parts. The company’s subsidiary in Hyderabad, India is the world's fastest growing producer of semi-finished and finished parts from UHMWPE. The computer controlled pressing and fabrication process means that each material's specific requirement is closely monitored and controlled. Sheets specifications: 4.5 mtr length x 1 mtr width, thickness 20-150 mm, 2 mtr length x 1 mtr width, and thickness ranging from 10 to 125 mm. Advantages of polyslick products: excellent abrasion resistance; high impact strength; self lubricating; low coefficient of friction; water repellent; corrosion resistance to most of the acids and chemicals; resistance to stress-cracking; excellent dielectric strength; easily machinable; and approved as food grade.

Polymer Industries India Limited