Two-Setpoint Temperature Indicator/Controller

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  • Ektra 2SP

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Radix Pyrotech offers Ektra 2SP, a reliability engineered temperature indicator/controller with 2 setpoints. It accepts Pt-100 input (0.1% accuracy), J or K thermocouples (I% accuracy) as well as linear (voltage/current) inputs. It has a high efficiency, 3-1/2 digit, 0.56"(15 mm) red LED display and...

Radix Microsystems

Radix is one of India's leading process instrumentation companies. Established in 1980, Radix manufactures a wide range of instruments, temperature sensors and gauges, and pressure gauges.

Radix has one of best design competencies in India, and is known for the quality and reliability of its products. Its manufacturing facilities in Mumbai and Pune are ISO9001:2000 certified. It has sales offices in all the major Indian cities.