Tube Axial Flow Fans

Tube Axial Flow Fans

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Pullman Engineering Systems offers a range of Tube Axial Flow Fans. These are mainly recommended for industrial ventilation and fume exhaust requiring high volumetric flow rates at low pressures. These are available in capacity up to 1, 00, 000 cmh and pressure up to 90-mm WG. Construction: casing a...

Pullman Engineering Systems Pvt Ltd (Manufacturer)

Pullman Engineering Systems Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of ventilation and pressurisation systems, dust collections systems, fume extraction systems, pneumatic conveying systems. They have track record and a huge clientele from all types of industries which includes cement, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, plastic, food processing, steel plants, mining, industries, They have been since last more than three decades serving all these industries.