Thyristorized DC Motor Controllers

Libratherm Instruments Pvt Ltd (Manufacturer)
Thyristorized DC Motor Controllers

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  • TDM-1000 & TDM-10

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Libratherm offers variable speed DC drive or DC motor controller, Models TDM-1000 & TDM-10, which is rugged, compact and fully solid-state controller designed to drive either PMDC motors or 4-wire excited field DC motors. The motor speed can be varied through a single turn potentiometer or through a...

Technical Specifications

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Operating Supply Voltage

230 VAC / 110 VAC, 50 Hz, +/- 10%.

DC Output Voltage

1)      Armature: 0 to 200VDC Field: 200 VDC fixed @ 230VAC.

2)      Armature : 0 to 100VDC Field : 100 VDC fixed  @ 115VDC

Motor Load in HP

0.25 to 3 HP (TDM-10) With Armature / Field or PMDC

0.25 to 5 HP (TDM-1000) With Armature / Field or PMDC

Speed Control Signal

(0-5) VDC, (0-10) VDC, (4-20) mA optically isolated or through 10K single turn potentiometer.

Operating Temperature

0 oC to 70 oC.

Maximum Current Rating

25% of the rated value (continuous).

Front Panel LED Indication

For Power ON , Current Limit and Trip Relay


DC control signal are optically isolated from Field/Armature voltage (hence safe to interface with PLC, PID controller, etc.)

Over Load / Over Voltage Protection

Using Current Limit and Trip features and individual Fuse protection for Armature and Field winding. Potential free TRIP contact is available on the terminals.


By Armature Feedback

+/- 10% of set speed.

Current Limit

50 to 150% of the rated value (adjustable in TDM-1000).

Maximum Speed

50 to 100% of the rated value (adjustable in TDm-1000).

Acceleration / Retardation

0 to 15 seconds (adjustable soft start/stop in TDM-1000) and fixed in TDM-10.

Remote Start/Stop

Provision for external potential free input contact for starting and stopping the motor.



230 x 180 x 80 mm (TDM-1000)

96 x 96 x 160 mm (TDM-10)


TDM-1000 can be mounted on the flat surface inside the control panel using 4 screws.

TDM-10 can be mounted on the front panel.


Approx. 2.5 Kg (TDM-1000)

Approx. 1.0 Kg (TDM-10)

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