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The Static Automated Voltage Regulator is IGBT based and used to protect any electronic equipment. VRp Precision PWM Voltage Regulator is particularly used in countries with inadequate infrastructures for the generation and distribution of AC power. Normally, automatic voltage regulator (AVR) is used for precision fast-PWM ac mains voltage correction. Servomotor based or tap-switching AVR is not suitable for sensitive load equipments such as power supplies, rectifiers using solid-state devices and air-conditioners, because of their slow response time and inherent performance limitations. This voltage regulator is superior with 20 ms fast response time and cycle-by-cycle voltage regulation without interrupting the load current.
High dynamic response; automatic bypass; no need to oversize – handles crest factor 5:1; wide input voltage range and outdoor version available.
Sales Pitch
Suvik Electronics, Gujarat is one of the leading firms in manufacturing & supplying of high performance power solution products. Our PWM voltage regulators are manufactured with high dynamic response, automatic bypass with a wide input voltage range. We offer the most affordable, effective & scalable power quality & monitoring solutions. Our unique design, technological innovation, full-fledged manufacturing facilities, has built a strong product outline & a highly quality conscious customer base.

Suvik Electronics Pvt. Ltd.