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Apex Electricals offers dependable solutions for electrical safety requirements of human life and machinery since 1975 with products that provide true value for money. Since R&D is a continuous process, the company brings better products and enhances the current ones regularly. The company offers Star-Delta Motor Starters used where application have heavy-duty and the current used is high. To enable motor to start with low current, this starter passes low voltage to the motor while one starts it in 'Star' position. Once the motor attains its rated speed the starter then is taken to 'Delta' position and it releases the full voltage thus enabling motor to now run to its full capacity. Change from 'Star' to 'Delta' is either done manually or automatically (using bi-metal time relay) depending on the model used. The company manufactures both manual and automatic star-delta starters. Manual star-delta uses very accessible handle to switch the motor from 'Star' to 'Delta' phase. Range goes up to 45 HP. Once in full running condition this starter provides complete protection from overloading. It consists of three major components other than the enclosure. The components are called as contactors and overload relays (and time relay for automatic star-delta starter) and a star-delta switch. It uses very high quality alloys as contacts so that the precise and chatter-free operation is achieved. The solenoid coils inside the contactors are machine-wound with use high-precision winding machines. The powder-coated outer cover of starters complies with IP54 protection class, which ensures that its sturdy and safe enough for use for years.

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