Special Table of CNC Waterjet Cutting Machines

A Innovative International Ltd (Manufacturer)
Special Table of CNC Waterjet Cutting Machines

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Waterjet machine uses cold supersonic abrasive erosion to cut almost any materials both metals and nonmetals. The highly pressurized water stream is forced through a tiny area, which carries abrasive garnet to erode away the material. Cutting Table Size of the table can be selected as per the length...

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A Innovative International Ltd. was established with the aim of providing innovative product in domestic and international market. A Innovative International Ltd. lays great emphasis on fair and transparent business. The Company deals in invented products and thereby supports all our customers with a dedicated service team which can help our customers to solve technical matters if any. So it plays a crucial task to understand the customer’s requirement for a product and then suggest the appropriate solution.

A Innovative International Ltd. provides the most versatile and advanced technology with its product name: CNC Waterjet Profile Cutting Machine.

About Us
  • A Innovative International Ltd. Was established in 2005 with the motto of providing best services to its customers.
  • A Innovative International Ltd. employs 50 to 55 employees.
  • Service Team: 10 Highly Qualified Service Engineers.
  • Nature of Business: Manufacturing, Import & Distribution of Machines
  • Approximate Annual Turnover: 10, 00, 00, 000 USD
  • A Innovative International Ltd. provides both Products and Services

  • A Innovative International Ltd. wish to be reckoned with technical excellence in our product and services. The quality philosophy recognizes only the highest and best quality work and product. Those who commit themselves to produce the best, always try to do better than what they did last time. A Innovative International Ltd. always wants to provide the best product and services to its clients. A Innovative International Ltd. lays strong emphasis on this concept and train its people to achieve the best in whatever job they do in the company

Technical Specifications

Special Cutting Table of CNC Waterjet Cutting Machines

Model DWJ46126-BB DWJ56506-BB
Travel X-axis 4600mm 5600mm
Y-axis 12600mm 50600mm
Z-axis 310mm 500mm
NC System Washing 320 W
Software New Cam
Cutting Accuracy ± 0.1mm
Repeat Accuracy ± 0.025mm
Traverse Speed 0-3m/min for (A), 0-15m/min for (B)
Power Supply 220/380/415 VAC, 50/60HZ or As Required

*A - Stepper Drive , *B- A.C. Serve Drive

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