Space Heater/Anti-Condensation Tool

Space Heater/Anti-Condensation Tool

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Insta Control Pvt Ltd India offers a Space Heater/Anti-Condensation Tool. This is strip shape flexible heater having protective fibreglass sleeve on it. It is mainly used in electric motors and generators. The space heater/anti-condensation tool is used when it is necessary to evaporate condensed wa...

Insta Control Pvt Ltd (Manufacturer)

Insta Control Pvt. Ltd. was established in June 1981, on a small scale. Initially Insta Control Pvt. Ltd. manufactured Thermistor Protection Relays and supplied these to Panel Manufacturers and end-users. Thereafter Insta Controls started processing motor protection PTC Thermistors and supplying to electric motor manufacturers in India and some European and Asian countries. Considering the requests of various customers and looking at the demand for overheat protection for Single Phase Motors, Fractional hoursepower motor(FHP), Transformers and other equipment, InstaControls entered into the field of Thermal Switches (TOPs) in 1996. Initially starting with a few customers for Thermal Switches(TOPs), Insta Controls today supplies Thermal Switches(TOPs) to a large number of customers. These switches are used in a wide range of applications in Industrial and Domestic products. Insta Control Pvt. Ltd. has always believed in giving its customers excellent quality products along with a prompt and efficient service back up.