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HBL Power Systems Ltd offers Sujala brand Solar Water Pumping System. This is an innovative solution that converts solar energy to electrical energy for water pumping. The system is used for an existing 3-phase AC pump ranging 1 HP to 25 HP. This unique smart control technology handles the initial surge current requirements. When the pump is powered by grid, the Sujala pump inverter saves 10-20% power consumption. Considering normal sunny hours, water discharge/day using Sujala is at par or higher than the discharge obtained with 6 hours of grid power. The company also offers Engine Start Battery, Ignite, VRLA Batteries for Cranking/Start-Up, Tubular Gel VRLA Batteries, Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery – 2 V Cells, Electric Vehicle Battery, G-Ride, etc.
  • Solar pump inverter can also be powered by grid or any alternate AC source
  • Easy to install and affordable as compared to any DC pump available in the market
  • System can be easily upgraded from existing to higher capacity pump
  • IP 54 solar pump inverter suitable for outdoor applications

HBL Power Systems Limited