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Technic Electronic Corporation offers a Single Phase Preventer (SPP) specifically designed to protect motors from working in unfavourable conditions such as single phasing and unbalanced voltage. More than 90% of burn out of motors are caused by unbalanced voltage supply or phase failure. These faults are mostly undetected by conventional overload relays and due to which normal overload protection doesn’t trip on time. Thus there is a need for a single phase preventer, which senses true negative phase sequence and trips the motors. When wrong phase sequence is detected by the SPP, the motor is automatically switched off and thus prevents rotation of the motor in reverse direction. Technic SPP also provides a time delay feature of 2.5 sec ±0.5 sec to avoid false tripping. It can be used in any HP rated motor.
  • True negative phase sequence voltage detection
  • LED for relay operation indication
  • Definite time delay to avoid tripping miss
  • Self powered electronic circuitry
  • Fully static
  • Wide range of operating temperatures
  • Low power consumption
  • DIN rail or panel mounting
  • Professionally designed and tested
  • Small size and aesthetic appearance
  • A quality product of Technic
Technical Specifications
  • System voltage – 415 V ±20
  • Frequency range – 50 Hz ±5% (47.5 Hz to 52.5 Hz)
  • Auxiliary supply– 415 V/215 V/110 V ±20%, 50 Hz
  • Under voltage operation – yes at 60% (machine incoming voltage)
  • Unbalanced voltage – 10% or 20%
  • Setting – user selectable
  • Output contact – IC/O contact
  • Trip time delay – fixed delay 2.5 sec +-0.5 sec
  • Recommend wiring – 1.0
  • Power consumption – less than 2 VA
  • Weight – 500 gm (approx)
  • Operating temperature – -20°C to +60°C
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) – 45 x 76 x 114 mm

Technic Electronic Corporation