Single Phase Preventer (SPP)

Technic Electronic Corporation (Manufacturer)
Single Phase Preventer (SPP)

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Technic Electronic Corporation offers a Single Phase Preventer (SPP) specifically designed to protect motors from working in unfavourable conditions such as single phasing and unbalanced voltage. More than 90% of burn out of motors are caused by unbalanced voltage supply or phase failure. These faul...

Company Profile

The company is established in 1978 as Deepak Pattern works, and Signetic Systems. And later in 1992 merged in to Deepak Instruments & Technic Electronic Corporation. Company is directed by a team of well knowledge electronic engineers and industrialist. Even though the company is not registered with ISO-9000, following all type of procedures according to international Quality standards. We posses 100% testing of all components delivered to our customers and keep records of the same for future reference. 100% components have Trace-ability Numbers marked on it for future reference
Technical Specifications

  • System voltage – 415 V ±20
  • Frequency range – 50 Hz ±5% (47.5 Hz to 52.5 Hz)
  • Auxiliary supply– 415 V/215 V/110 V ±20%, 50 Hz
  • Under voltage operation – yes at 60% (machine incoming voltage)
  • Unbalanced voltage – 10% or 20%
  • Setting – user selectable
  • Output contact – IC/O contact
  • Trip time delay – fixed delay 2.5 sec +-0.5 sec
  • Recommend wiring – 1.0
  • Power consumption – less than 2 VA
  • Weight – 500 gm (approx)
  • Operating temperature – -20°C to +60°C
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) – 45 x 76 x 114 mm

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